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Eruslu Tekstil Company was established in 1972 and since then it has been engaged in production of textile in different areas and it continues to grow up rapidly with the new investment. Since establishment policy of company "quality products + good services = customer satisfaction" never changed and with this mantality our principle is to serve the best service for our valuable customers. On the direction of this principle and withal;- Long Experience of our company in textile sector, - The yarn which we produce from polypropylene in different types such as BCF, Twisted, Heat Set, Frise as monocolor-tricolor, single and double ply at our own plant with daily 50 tons capacity, - Our Production Department which equipped with the lines which has designed and engineered with the lastest technology by world's leading textile machinery supplier, - Our skillfull and experienced staffs for designing and production of finest quality carpet, - Our sympathy and compliment to peopleWe produce daily 20000 sqm machine made carpet in different qualities, designs and sizes as well as appropriate designs for requirement of customers. We are selling our rugs to many countries.Eruslu provides customer satisfaction with finding the proper product for customers as well as focusing to produce suitable products for different markets.Our rugs which is produced with using of quality raw materials latest technology and our care obtains many advantages for the competition in global trade area. in this way your firm fain the right place in its respective sector deserves.Eruslu family pleasure to work with you and we are happy to see on your face proud of the achivement. Step by step with Eruslu on the floor…
Experienced, with a staff of experts, our company serves, and sells drapery production. For years, our company has achieved many successes in the country and the region's economy each year, contributes to increasing exports. Customer satisfaction, quality service, timely delivery and reasonable price policy, which is a principle OZTUTUS sector, national and international fairs and maintains its stability has also joined the branding. Within our company, jacquard, dobby and the three different techniques of embroidery is done in the production of home textile field. In addition, "Mariners Court, cutting, drum, lead, time sheet, quality control, and so on. contains the units of the production chairw)Fits own." The most outstanding companies are working in the paint shop, design department designs its own, considering customer expectation for the latest innovations presented to the customer. OZTUTUS working for a firm, the leading "Beyper" and "JVL" There are two brands.
Mag Canta is carrying on its activities with seven years of experience in the sector in Ankara – Turkey as the first hand producer of promotional and packaging industry products such as nonwoven (TNT) bags, cotton bags, PP bags, tote bags, suit covers and product pouches.
Teknomelt was established in 2009 and manufacturing since 2010. We operate in Technical Textiles sector with our Meltblown, Spunbond, SMS and SMMS production lines. We operate on 20.000 m² with 5000 m² closed area. We serve more than 500 domestic customers. We serve to 50 customers overseas especially in European market. We started produce nonwoven fabrics with our Meltblown line in 2010 that used in filtration, medical, cleaning of liquid waste, isolation, protective cloths and industrial areas with oil absorbency, water repellent along with other multi functional features. In 2011 Teknomelt invested in a PP Spunbond line and started production of new generation spunbond with homogenous appearance. We especially fulfill the requirement of the medical, print, package, furniture, agriculture, promotion, filter sectors. In 2014, SS/SMS/SMMS production line has been built to serve especially for Hygiene and Medical and composite Market with increased production capacity. Teknomelt laboratory established within this investment for following test applications are being applied to monitor quality; Water column tester, Re-Wet, Strike Through Time, Elongation Tear and Tensile Strength, In 2019, We started operation in our 4th Production line with our European origin SMS machine. Within this line our production capacity increased to 10.000 tons/ year. With approximately 100 employees, we serve to overseas with 45% of our production and 55% for domestic market. We are member of European Nonwoven Association(EDANA) our production has been proceeding as its standarts since establishment. With our ISO 9001-2015 certificate we highly care customer satisfaction with our modern facility.
Vietnam Technical Textile co., Ltd is the third member of the leading company in non-woven fabric in Vietnam in terms of production scale and quality. Our products include: Spunlace nonwoven fabric; geotextile; Spunbond (S) and Double spunbond (SS) nonwovens; Non-woven bag made of Spunbond nonwoven fabric. Possessing modern machinery imported from reputable partners of Europe, Taiwan, Japan; virgin raw materials are imported from major and reputable suppliers in the world; Human resources and management systems that meet ISO 9001 standards are key factors for us to produce high quality non-woven fabrics that are environmentally friendly. Our products are safe for people, meeting the fire retardant standards and environmental protection standards as customer’s requirement for nonwoven fabric. With many years of experience in the field of non-woven fabric production, we have a team of technicians and experienced sales staff who understand the customer and meet the stringent requirements of customers. We have been supplying many countries in the world such as Japan, EU, South Korea, South America, Asian markets.
Founded by Sadik Serefoglu and started its production activities in 1990, GEOPLAS is the leader and pioneer of the Turkish geosynthetics market with its experienced and dynamic staff of 250 people today. GEOPLAS continues to work as a leading company capable of producing all of Geosentetic products under one roof in terms of product diversity in the world. Our company is located in Ankara Capital City Organize Sanayi Bolgesi Bolgesi. It is established on an area of 40.000 m2 in total and serves on 2 separate production facilities on 19.000 m2 covered area. Construction works such as PVC - HDPE - LLDPE Geomembranes, Geotextiles, Perceptible Walking Surface Products, Geosynthetic Clay Covers, Drain Plates, Water Holding Bands, Geogrid, Geocell, Geonet, Rock Shield, As well as the products used in the sector, the livestock sector, the shoe sector and the carpet and home furnishings sector also continues to serve by producing auxiliary materials. The successful solution partnership in the public and private sector constitutes the basic mission of GEOPLAS. Our company also provides consultancy services from the project phase to the application phase in the construction site as well as the production and field applications as well as the use of the products that it produces. GEOPLAS produces world-class products in the Geosynthetics sector with the cooperation of AR-GE unit established in 2007 with the product analysis laboratory and universities in order to meet the changing requirements with the developing technology. In Turkey, DSI, TCDD, TCK, Municipalities, Mining and Energy companies in various environmental projects in a wide range of products is the solution partner. GEOPLAS organized the International Geosynthetics seminar in Ankara in 2012 and organized a wide-ranging seminar in the public institutions and universities in Turkey with the participation of founders and directors of the American Geosynthetics Association and many European institutions and academicians. And has been exporting to Eastern Europe, Central Asia, North Africa and Middle East countries as well as many domestic projects. Our company, which performs 25% of annual sales in exports, is proud of contributing to the economy of the country. Our company which gives importance to environmental consciousness as well as workers' health and safety, will continue its production and services with the principle of 'Success is not to walk on the best road but to be the best on the way that you walk'. GEOPLAS is proud to be a pioneer in research and innovation in its sector.
Kisbu Textile was founded in 1978. Since then, the company has permanently increased the quality of products and service; thus became a very special textile brand. Due to its incessant innovative structure and idea of “always aiming for the better”, the company has created the difference in the market. We are very proud of our %100 customer satisfaction, competetive prices and the quality certificates. Our product range is as following; • SPUNBOND NONWOVEN (AVAILABLE IN DIFFERENT COLORS AND PRINTS.) • SMS/SMMS NONWOVEN • FIBER (SILICON/BEADS/THERMO/LAMINATED) • ULTRASONIC QUILT (WITH 12 DIFFERENT PATTERNS)
As Napal we manufacture and supply nonwoven, nonwovens, interlinings, consumer wipes, water soluble nonwovens, biodegradable nonwovens, absorbent nonwovens, washable nonwovens, flame retardancy nonwovens, airlaid interlinings, hygienic nonwovens, interlining, consumer wipe, water soluble nonwoven, biodegradable nonwoven, absorbent nonwoven, washable nonwoven, flame retardancy nonwoven, airlaid interlining, hygienic nonwoven, watersoluble embroidery backing sheets, watersoluble interlinings, personal care wipes, airlaid wax strips, industrial wipes, hospital bed liners, bed liners, filtration interlinings, cable wrapping interlinings, packaging interlinings, cable wrapping fabrics, cable wrapping nonwoven fabrics, flower packaging, watersoluble embroidery backing sheet, watersoluble interlining, personal care wipe, airlaid wax strip, industrial wipe, hospital bed liner, bed liner, filtration interlining, cable wrapping interlining, packaging interlining, cable wrapping fabric, cable wrapping nonwoven fabric, flower packagings... Napal Nonwovens is a family company established in 1993 in Bursa by Ismet and Tahsin Palazli. Today the company operates in its new production facility in Istanbul with its modern production lines and growing workforce. Napal Nonwovens developes, produces, and markets nonwovens for its chosen range of applications such as interlinings, consumer wipes and water-soluble nonwovens for embroideries. Napal is one of the leaders in Turkish nonwovens sector and also active internationally with major operations in Europe and Middle East.
Simco, ltd company has established in Denizli in 2004 to provide service of import and export of textile raw materials.

Simco give service as a supplier and partner to disposable manufacturing company who has specialized wet wipes, refreshing wipes, medical, hygiene and disposable products since 2006.

It has been giving service a very different sector with nonwoven slitting machine since 2008. Nonwoven fabrics as the main service we provide for our customers

• Refreshing handkerchief, pocket handkerchief, and multi-tissue industry
• Cosmetic companies
• Clean material wholesalers
• Medical companies
• Construction material wholesalers
• Single-use material wholesalers